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The Falls Pointe Area in Boulder County, Colorado
Located 13 miles west of downtown Boulder, Colorado the Falls Pointe Area is located on a geographic peninsula ridge naturally cut from the rising granite, bounded by the convergence of Boulder Creek to the south and Middle Boulder Creek to the north. 

Striking a Balance

The Fall Pointe Area consists of approximately 1,220 of USFS lands, 750+ Acres of BLM lands, and 455 acres of privately owned parcels. The Preserve was established in 2003 as a volunteer organization of adjacent participating landowners, in response to increasing environmental pressure over the Front Range Mountains, and to raise awareness of environmental management issues in these areas. 

In 2007 Reserve Guidelines were drafted in an effort to protect and preserve the sensitive areas in our unique community. The Falls Pointe Area has very diverse terrain ranging formed from 2 converging river and riparian streams, climbing steeply up rocky cliff faces, to a reforested and very healthy mountain ridge atop Comforter Mountain.

Being 100% privately owned and maintained by resident families and land owners, the Falls Pointe Private Nature Reserve is striking a balance between the goals of a successful, operational community and the long term requirements of sustainable resources use and conversation.
Please help us to keep our wildlife wild!

When visiting, please do not approach or feed animals, and enjoy them from a respectful distance. By staying on designated trails, respecting trail/area closures, and following posted rules and regulations, you can help us to preserve and protect critical wildlife habitat.

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Falls Pointe Private Nature Reserve
in Boulder County, Colorado