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The Falls Pointe Area is a mix of public and private lands about 1/2 way between Boulder and Nederland in Boulder Canyon.

Falls Pointe is also known as a Wildlife Preserve.

Falls Pointe is protected due to its unique location, geographic terrain, and proximity to Boulder Falls.  

We also:

1. Conduct surveys to understand the wildlife and forest species that exist on Falls Pointe lands. 

2. Review and incorporate current scientific information in our management and project planning each year.

3. Work cooperatively with the USFS, BLM, Division of Parks and Wildlife, Boudler County Transportation, Zoning and Building departments, local,state and federal Fire agencies, Police, and other emergency response organizations, and other wildlife agencies to manage, plan and create a very healthy habitat.

4. Develop programs about wildlife and natural resources, and work to help increase public awareness and participation.

The Falls Pointe Private Nature Reserve was created in response to increasing pressure over the Front Range Mountains, and to raise awareness of environmental management issues in three areas;

The Watershed , The Wildlife , and The Wilderness

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Falls Pointe Private Nature Reserve
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